Bunny's A Swine (TR-02 / TR-06)

Bunny's A Swine


All Day, Alright
250 copies, black vinyl
Released: 18-October -2011

Calling Out
300 copies, black vinyl
Release: 08-June-2013

Awk-Pop Slops-Rock

Bunny's A Swine were born in a hot attic in the summer of 2008. Their sound has been called tweegrunge (by some), awkpop (by ourselves), and indie rock (by others). They are a trio of drums, electric guitar, and three-string guitar (which is just like electric guitar, only with just three strings on it).

All Day, Alright

All Day, Alright is the third release and second full-length from the band and is comprised of 10 original musical compositions printed to 12” vinyl records at a speed of 33 revolutions per minute. Each record is 1 of 250 copies and comes with 10 black and white reproductions of original artwork from 10 different artists (each piece includes song lyrics to 1 of the 10 original songs); there's also 1 card with an unique string of numbers, which when entered into a computer will re-create “All Day, Alright” in a digital format. Album, art and numbers come wrapped in recycled LP jackets (graciously donated by Bunny's a Swine's favorite record stores), which have been inverted and adorned with a vintage-letterpress reproduction of original artwork by Justin Durand. The aforementioned songs are a country-tinged-awk-pop meditation on the causes and effects of depression, meant to be consumed and enjoyed immediately.                                    

Calling Out 

Calling Out is the fourth release from the rock group Bunny's A Swine and its full of things that are sentimental like 11 songs that are about film noir legends, communications media, love, noise, and whatever else records are about. Included lyrical content includes the secrets to a long, healthy but perhaps emotionally conflicted life. 

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