Rick Rude (TR-07)


Rick Rude

TR-07 / SL-86
Make Mine Tuesday
Released: January 20, 2017

Take Monday Back Again

Rick Rude didn't really listen to us when we said that the label doesn't do anything anymore. When we said we'd been surpassed by tons of other labels that actually, you know, did more label-y stuff (namely: continuing to release music and actually promote it). But their kinship was undeniable. It ate at them in their sleep. It ate at us in text messages and Facebook chats until finally it was clear to everyone that despite "not-really-doing-anything-anymore" it made sense that Rick Rude should be part of the TR's family. Elisabeth put it best when she said: "I'm going to keep describing Rick Rude forever as a less misogynistic early career Weezer (for whom I have a major soft spot), through the lens of dearly departed local heroes Graph, with a dash of nearly departed local heroes Bunny's a Swine. Their songs are full of the kind of bouncy, deceptively simple melodic lines that will get stuck in your head for weeks, often in the form of a satisfyingly crunchy guitar solo or close three-part vocal harmony from guitarists/vocalists Ben Troy and Noah Lefebvre and bassist/vocalist Jordan Holtz, interspersed through heavier, rhythmically dense instrumental sections, all over a solid backbone courtesy of drummer Ryan Harrison." Make Mine Tuesday is a co-release of Sophomore Lounge and TinyRadars. Welcome to the family, guys. Way to release your album on the dawn of the American apocalypse.  Buy it here

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