Graph (TR-01)



Eau-Claire / Wolves  7"
250 copies, black vinyl
Released: 29-September-2011

Graph is a Band

Or at least, they were from 2008 until 2012. But any Graph fan will tell you that Graph is always a band. It might seem unfair to say it, but you can’t fully understand a Graph recording without understanding the band’s live performance. Typically a mix of cacophonous volume, agile melodies, shattered drum sticks, trashcan lids and tambourines, the band challenges the audience to keep up while they stretch the confines of the song to its limits. Have you ever seen those hexagon shaped toys that expand and contract when you pull on them? It's sort of like doing that...on a carnival ride. Most bands that perform so spastically and ecstatically in a live setting can’t translate the sound from that space onto a record. Graph is an exception to this rule.

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