Home Body (TR-04)


Home Body

Traps 7"
500 copies, black vinyl
Released: October 26, 2012

Hustle Bustle

Home Body know things that the rest of us tend to keep secret. They know that your body is a vessel for movement and change. They know there are things to be unearthed that hide inside all of us. They have been paying attention and if you've been asleep – they are here to wake you up. Northampton's favorite electro-shimmer-core duo, Home Body have been wrapping audiences in their colorful performances and moving even the most reserved kids to raise their arms and dance. Traps is Home Body's first official vinyl release and tells a darker story about our histories. Here are the sleeping secrets, forgotten histories and stories. It's a reconciliation of apathy and action. We can't believe everything we're told. Our guts are the best compass for finding truth.

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