Stoner Will and the Narks (TR-08)

Photo by Will Szal

Photo by Will Szal

Stoner Will & The Narks

TR-08 (Tape #1)
Bots Like My Band
Released: November 27, 2018


Frequently misspelled Stoner Will and the Narks is a band born a couple decades late. An essential mix of Gen X sarcasm and corporate disdain with the unique cultural touchstones of a generation dubbed responsible for killing everything from napkins to department stores, their name alone is a string of cheeky references. Built on the biting quips of drummer and flutist Steph Jacco — who often comes up with song titles — and complemented by bassist Brian Zayatz’s skepticism of the police, SWTN has something for everyone (who likes sarcasm and loathes cops). Guitarist and songwriter Will doesn’t strike one as the stoner type (he’s ambitious...runs a local alt-journalism rag with zero social media game but buckets of mistrust in local government and heavy devotion to reporting) and while most assume its “Narcs” like we are talking about law enforcement in the 1970s, they’ll be swiftly corrected that the spelling is with a “K” and actually a not-so-veiled political reference. The first time I saw them I was so bummed that TinyRadars had essentially gone dormant because how else could I adequately express my love for a band that combined songs about weird political AstroTurf groups, analytics, bots, life of the millennial, avocado toast and capitalism with the overall vibe of a more twee, lo-fi Pavement than to release their record? But enough about me and my feelings. This record is stellar and if you don’t do a spit take listening to these lyrics you probably haven’t read this far. Don’t sleep on this.

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