Shepherdess (TR-05)



I'm Saving Myself for Shepherdess
300 copies, black vinyl
To Be Released: February 2013

These Things They Don't Teach You in School

Know this much: Shepherdess are badass. And if while listening to them or seeing them live you are inspired to become badasses, too, they are also three of the nicest people on earth and would happily show you the secrets of rocking out. Boston's indie rock trio put all those 90's babies with their alternarock imitation bands to shame. Singer and guitarist Hilken Mancini is no stranger to riling the crowds -- whether it be with her infectious creation Punk Rock Aerobics or her 90's MTV-loved band Fuzzy. Alison Murray (The Clear Deigns, Ladycop, gamine thief) brings the drum power and Emily Arkin (The Operators, The Quincunx) crafts quirky, interweaving baritone guitar lines and lends the occasional vocals. Shepherdess loves DIY, punk rock, indie labels, vinyl and supporting women in music. All three band members are part of the operating team for Girls Rock Campaign Boston. Their full-lenth record, I'm Saving Myself for Shepherdess, will hit the shelves in February 2013. 

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