a tiny record label from western massachusetts

Talk Like Kids

TinyRadars has been holding monthly shows at one of our favorite western Mass venues -- The Montague Bookmill -- ever since December. So far we've had shows featuring TRs own Bunny's A Swine and Graph, as well as dear friends The True Jacqueline, Animal Mother (now Grownups), Mail the Horse, Doolittle and the Radiers, Donny Dinero, The Milkman's Union, Boy Without God, sorry, nay, and even a poetry reading from friend Adam Grabowski. Each show has been really incredible in its own way, but the envelope was pushed pretty hard for the January show -- which was the last performance by TR-01 band, Graph. There's a lot to be said about what happened that night but that will come in time. For now, here's a fantastic mp3 version of the love:


Mail the Horse, Bunny's A Swine & Graph