a tiny record label from western massachusetts

TR-04: Home Body's new 7" Released!


Home Body's very first piece of vinyl and TinyRadars one and only 4th release officially dropped today! The artwork, designed by Haley from HB, is gorgeous textures and colors of all kinds of buried trash and treasures. We couldn't be more excited about this release and are so excited for you to hear it for yourselves!

Traps is a limited-edition run of 500 copies and HB describes the tracks as "two new songs thematically centered around cycles of human behavior, archeostronomy, and the reconciliation of apathy and action." The songs are kind of dark at times but much like those stars on the album cover there are these shining bright spots that lift you right back up again. It's a little bit like being on a roller coaster, but a nighttime one full of shooting stars in autumn.

You can purchase and stream Traps from Home Body's Bandcamp page. Or go see them at any one of the many shows they are playing over the next month!