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TR-05: We're Saving Ourselves for Shepherdess

Well we've been saving this secret for some time now, but its time to let the cat out of the bag: Shepherdess, Boston's favorite indie rock trio (who you've probably seen if you caught the Mission of Burma or Wild Flag show in Boston recently) are the newest addition to the TinyRadar's roster!


Shepherdess is  a true powerhouse with equally powerful hooks. Hilken Mancini, infamous from her days of Punk Rock Aerobics, and her much adored 90's bands Fuzzy and The Count Me Outs, plays guitar and sings. Joined by drummer extraordinaire Alison Murray (The Clear Deigns, Ladycop, gamine thief) and Emily Arkin (of one of our all time favorite bands, The Operators, and The Quincunx) who crafts quirky, interweaving baritone guitar lines and the occasional vocals, Shepherdess has been capturing hearts all over Boston. 

The trio's songs are infectious and nostalgic. Listening to Shepherdess makes me feel a little bit like I’m about to take on the entire cafeteria at school...and I'm gonna win.  The dueling guitars are reminiscent of a Sleater-Kinney style interplay that perfectly matches the up-tempo anthems. Their sound fits perfectly into our 90's puzzle shaped hearts. Their songs are just the right mix of pop and quirk. And when they play them they play them loud. 

Shepherdess is  a band close to our hearts here at TRs. They love DIY, punk rock, indie labels, vinyl and supporting women in music. All three band members are part of the operating team for Girls Rock Campaign Boston with singer and guitarist Hilken being the organization's founder

We couldn't be more excited to be teaming up to release their upcoming full-length, I'm Saving Myself for Shepherdess, in February 2013. The record (coming out on vinyl and digitally, of course) features 9 songs and includes special guest stars like Mary Lou Lord and Andy McBain of Tunnel of Love.  

Find out what you've been missing by checking out their Bandcamp and get ready to fall in love.