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Graph & Mail the Horse: Awesome New Internet Things

It's Monday and apparently Christmas just came a little late this year. Lovely fun new things are on the Internet from TRs bands Graph and Mail the Horse today that you can pass the hours listening to and watching. 

Mail the Horse on Serious Business

Friend of the family, Travis Harrison, runs this little operation in NYC called Serious Business where he films great sets by bands and then interviews them too. The highlights are in the video below and there's a longer (and way worth it) audio interview portion here:  

New Graph Album: "Hey Friends We're Graph"

Graph played their last show a year ago at the second installment of the TinyRadars Bookmill Residency Series and it was one of the best shows of all time (read Mail the Horse's write up about that show here). As we all like to say, Graph is never not a band -- regardless of whether or not they are still playing shows or even living within the same 3,000 mile radius. Anyway here's a bunch of unreleased tracks from those wacky babies.